Bike Repair

Bike riders come and see us for a variety of reason; a neglected bike in the garage, time to upgrade something, or a JRA (Just Riding Along, and ______ happens.) We have a full-service bike shop at Sports Ltd. and work on road, mountain, and cruiser bikes. We also have trained fitters, you can schedule an appointment and they’ll adjust your bike for the most comfortable position for long rides. Below is a list of our most common repairs.

Flat Repair $10+

Everyone gets flats. We can sell you a tube or we can provide a tube with the flat repair. This will include a new tube, labor, talcum powder, and a few tricks of the trade.

rear shock service
Rear Shock Service $50+

With any  decent full suspension bike, there’s regular mainatence that’s needed to keep the ride plush. Air sleeve maintainance is a good idea every 100 miles or every year, this will make sure your seals keep junk out and help lube the stancion.

Tune Up $60

The full tune up is the once-a-year service or if you want your bike to feel better in general. A full tune up is a head to toe run through of you bikes. Thats, bolts and pivots tightened and lubed, bearings & headsets checked, wheels trued, shifting and brakes are working; parts will be extra.

Fork Service $75+

Sometimes we want to breathe new life in some loved skis or repurpose old ones, thats where a remount comes in. It’s just like a mount, but more work plugging holes and making sure there arn’t any hole conflicts.

Wheel True $15+

Whether your mashing down rock gardens or hitting potholes and crackes on a road ride, wheels get outta true. When it’s time to straighten them up, swing through and will get them dished and true. If you need a new spoke they’re $2 a piece plus labor.

Fork Install $30

Everyone loves getting a new fork, its one of the best single upgrades for any bike. For $30 we’ll cut the steerer, install your star nut, and provide a new headset service.

tubeless tire install
Tubeless Set-up $40+

Sometimes, filling up a tubeless tire can be a real pain, plus a compressor definately makes life easier. We can do it for you, and provide anything from a valve, fluid, or even just aid if you need it. An upgrade to tubless system +15.

headset installation
Headset Install $20

If you’ve roached an old headset or want to upgrade to a new one, we’ll drop your fork, press the cups and can reinstall your fork if you need it.

bike build
Basic Bike Build $100

We often get a fair amount of bikes shipped to us for road rides or mountain bike trips. You can build them at your accommodations or we can build them for you. This includes a sizing and set-up. We can also box them up with full packing to be shipped back.

break bleed
Break Bleed $25+

A brake bleed is one of those maintenance’s that is born out of necessity, as much as we love going fast, we also need to stop. A brake bleed starts at $25, but can run more as some brakes can be a royal pain.

custom bike build
Custom Bike Build $150+

One of the most rewarding or frustrating experiences in the biking world can be building a bike from scratch, accumulate all the parts and have a bike just the way you like it. We can help when it comes to needing shop tools. A custom bike build includes a fork, bb, & headset install, a brake cutting and bleed, and suspension set-up.

Sizing + Suspension Setup $50

For a sizing & suspension setup we start by checking stand-over and reach to get you in the right position for comfortable riding. Then cut the seat post if needed. For the suspension, we’ll set the sag on the rear shock and fork to your weight and riding style. We’ll finish it off with setting your compression and rebound settings.