Tahoe Local Trail, Camping and Biking info
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Mountain Bike Trails

Lake Tahoe boasts an endless network of mountain bike trails for all levels of riders. Click the link below for more information on our local trails.

Road Bike Lake Tahoe
Road Bike Rides

Lake Tahoe is a very road friendly biking area. Hosting multiple national events per year Tahoe is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery or train at high elevation for your next competitive event.

Lake Tahoe Bike Path Map
Bike Paths

There are bike paths bobbing and weaving through the greater Lake Tahoe Area connecting our small towns and providing access to beaches, shopping and more. Click the link below for more details and trail maps.

​All the rental prices are listed below. Feel free to pick your gear up the night before so you are ready when the lifts open.

Bike Rental ItemsPrice Per Hour & Day
Kid’s Bike Rental$5/hr - $15/day
Cruiser Bikes$75/day
Hardtail Mtn Bike$15/hr - $40/day
Full Susp. Mtn Bike$20/hr -$80/day
Turbo Levo Fsr Comp 29er$100/day
Aluminum Road Bike$15/hr - $50/day
Carbon Road Bike$25/hr - $75/day
Kid’s Trailer$5/hr - $15/day
Car Rack$30/ day
ayak & Paddleboarding Lake Tahoe
Kayak & Paddleboarding

Lake Tahoe is one of the most scenic places in the United States to take a paddle. From crystal clear waters to sandy beaches Tahoe is a very friendly and accessible place to launch your kayak or Paddleboard. Click the link below for more information.

Watersport Rental ItemsPrice Per Hour & Day
Kayak 1 Person$50/day
Kayak 2 Person$80/day
Hiking & Camping Lake Tahoe
Hiking & Camping

Lake Tahoe is a Camping and Hiking meca in the United States. There are many free and paid camping areas around the lake. Some campsites have lake access while some are more remote. Tahoe also boasts miles and miles of hiking trails including the famous Tahoe Rim Trail. Click below for more information.

Camping Rental ItemsPrice Per Day
Bear Can$5
Sleeping Pads$10
Coleman 2-Burner Stove$10
Cook kit$10
Water Purifier$10
Backpacking Stove$10
Igloo Cooler$10
Tent (2 person)$20
Tent (4 person)$40
Backpacking pack$20
Kid-carrier Backpack$20
Camp chairs$5
Camp table$10
Kid’s Stroller$30
Trekking poles$10
Climbing Lake Tahoe
Climbing Routes

The Tahoe Basin offers a variety of rock climbing locations that range from beginner to advanced to extreme. You can climb the multi-pitch routes on clean granite and you can test your abilities working out on various routes. Click the button below for more information.

Climbing Rental ItemsPrice Per Day
Climbing Shoes$10/day
Crash Pad$25/day

Backcountry Avalanche, Snow, and Weather Information for the greater Lake Tahoe area