Custom Bootfitting

There are a few tricks to every sport that make a difference. Ask anyone whose skied professionally or anyone in the industry and they’ll tell you, “Get a good pair of boots.” Where as buying a ski’s definitely fun, a ski boot is the only piece of equipment to touch your body and it’s where all your control and comfort come from. If you’ve ever had miserable boots, you know what I’m talking about. We take pride in training our staff to be the best bootfitters around. This not only applies to purchasing a new boot but to fixing most any issue your boots are currently having. Swing in anytime, we always have a Masterfit-certified bootfitter working.

Boot Fitting ServicesPrice
Bootfitting Consultation$60
Shell Stretch (each)$20
Shell Grind (each)$20
Soften Boot Flex (pair)$40
Cant & Balance$60
Sole Planing$90
Upper Cuff Stretch (ea.)$15
Liner Stretch (each)$15
Tongue Modification$20
Intuition Liners Fitting$50
Booster Strap Install$20
Hotronics Install (w/o purch)$25
Buckle Replacement (ea.)$30
Custom Foot BedsPrice
Instaprint Custom Insoles$175
Instaprint Insoles (w/ boot purchase)$125
Aftermarket Insoles$45-80
Binding Mount w/ Boot Purchase$30

* Free fit adjustments only apply to boots sized & fitted by a Sports Ltd Boot-fitter. Some restrictions apply

Parts ListPrice
“L” Pads 1/8”$5
“L” Pads 1/4”$5
Modified Wrap 1/8”$10
Modified Wrap 3/16”$10
CanWrap-around 1/8”$15
Wrap-around 3/16”$15
Tapered Shin$10
Side Pad 1/8”$10
“C” Pad 1/8”$5
“C” Pad 3/16”$10
Varus Wedge$10
EVA Wedge ½”$15
Heel Lift$10
1’×1’ EVA foam ¼”$20
EVA Foam Random Pieces$5
Toe Replacement (pair)$30
Heel Replacement (pair)$30
Insole Shims (each)$12
Buckle (each)$15
Velcro Strap (pair)$20
Ratchet Strap (pair)$15
instaprint masterfit